The journey was about 2 hours drive, I alighted from the bus and thereafter dialed Jerry’s number to inform him of my arrival and he quickly rushed down to pick me. Getting to his house, he has already prepared Banga soup which is my favorite soup; I was surprise because the jerry I know can’t boil water not to talk of cooking Banga soup.

He later confess that a girl in the hostel who he has been banging (lashing) helped him and said he will introduce me to her later after mentioning her name to be Aghogho. I wasn’t interested in his explanation as my stomach was biting me badly. I reach for a breakable plate and served myself, I ate in rush because I didn’t take anything before leaving Warri; the gala and lacasera I bought at one of the army check point while coming, my so called friend Rukky collected it when I ask her if she cares, deep inside me I taught she will even say thanks am okay (girls normal word).

After the meal, I decided to go through one or two books to refresh my memory in form of revising but it’s just as if all the textbook are downloaded already to my long term memory, the whole room was hot leaving me with no option than to drop the books and take a walk with Jerry. We both strolled out of the hostel and while strolling, I saw so many charming damsel but wasn’t in the mood to ‘get involve’ even though part of me is wanting. All I was thinking about is the exam and how it will look like if I finally gain admission into the polytechnic.

We haven’t gone far when I saw a girl on a bike (okada) waving her hands after calling my name. That must be Rukky I exclaimed facing Jerry with my mouth wide open, yes its Rukky, do u know her? Jerry asked… yes I do I replied, I narrated all that happened between Rukky and I to him. Jerry then told me she stays in their hostel and her room number is 5 which is next after his own room 4. I doubted but to my greatest surprise the bike stopped in front of Jerry’s hostel, we walked back to the hostel and I went straight to her room to confirm myself. I knocked the door softly and she opened leaving me motionless after seeing her face

RUKKY: you didn’t tell me you are coming to my street, please come inside

ME: not only your street but my friend who I told you about stays in the same hostel with you

RUKKY: you mean Jerry? The guy I saw you with?

ME: yes

RUKKY: we’re both in the same department but we don’t interact with each other at school and here

ME: but why? (Feeling relax on her bed while she was arranging the foodstuff she came in with)

RUKKY: I don’t make friends, I like being indoor. You’ll only see me outside when am going and coming back from school, market and church. The highest I can do is to greet my neighbors.

ME: your parents should be awarded for training you that way. How about your promise?

RUKKY: you are here already so I’ll call you as soon as I get the answer to that.

ME: I should be leaving then, but have it in mind that someone who cares is waiting and it shouldn’t pass today.

RUKKY: yes boss

I left her to join Jerry in his apartment………………….

********flash back********

While we were chatting up in the bus something leads to something and we started talking dirty like long time friends, I asked for her number which she gave to me I flashed her and told her to save mine. As a strong Warri boy I decided to make good use of that opportunity by asking her out pleading for a positive response knowing fully well that I have no genuine feelings for her. She then promise to give me a positive reply on one condition that if only we meet again.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Jerry never mentioned to me that he has a roommate, but I was surprise to see a guy holding a girl by hand like someone carrying handbag. The guy was somehow cool but I was a bit annoyed with the way he talks, he greeted jerry and stretch his right hand towards me for a handshake.

CHARLIE: Eliboy is this you?

ME: yes, good evening (out of surprise)

CHARLIE: you are welcome to our small crib, meet my girlfriend Chidima

ME: hi Chidima

CHIDIMA: hey hi, black handsome. You got a shiny black skin (in my mind I was like wow, na girl dey compliment boy)

ME: Thanks (Saying it with a fake smile)

CHIDIMA: it’s my pleasure

CHARLIE: enough, Eli is a bad guy, so don’t admire him too much (I was like better tell her oo, but how come this guy knows I’m bad when it comes to shawama tins)

JERRY: You and am who bad pass (trying to cover me up)

CHIDIMA: it’s obvious he isn’t a bad person; can’t you see how humble and quiet he is? (Who nor go nor know, I was hoping someday she will see my true self)

I excuse myself and Jerry follow suit leaving Charlie and Chidima alone in the room. Jerry started complaining about their daily sex routine, saying we have to wait outside till 8pm before going inside. He suggested we should go sleep in Aghogho’s room or wait here till they are done.. I checked my time its 6:57pm, Jerry was worried about keeping me outside till then but I wasn’t worried at all since I see it as a good opportunity for me to pass the night in Rukky’s apartment. Guess I should call her and tell her. So many questions starting moving in my mind like a slide,

** Should I call her?

** Will she allow me in at this time?

** What if she got provoked?

** What should I do now?

** Will she give a positive response to my request?

** She even promise to call before the day ends

** Does she have a plan?

** Does she even like me in person?

My taught was still fighting my mind when I heard my phone ringing, who must it be?


I removed the vibrating phone from my pocket and saw the name RUKKY OZ, I quickly press the green button on my phone RUKKY: hello ME: hello dear, I’ve been expecting your call RUKKY: yeah, sorry for not calling on time, I was busy preparing dinner. Can you please come to my room? ME: why not? I’m coming now (voicing it out with haste) Jerry asked me who just called and I told him its Rukky requesting my presence in her room, I concluded he should go and meet his hostel girl friend that I will call him when am done with Rukky. – – – – – – – – – – – Her door was already opened as I tried knocking, I walk straight in and the next thing I heard was an unclear voice from her bathroom RUKKY: Eli is that you? ME: yes, where are you? RUKKY: am in the bathroom please lock the door ME: okayyy (I locked the door with the key already on the door) She came out with towel on her chest, I wasn’t comfortable seeing her on towel so I had to throw my face towards another direction. She finally drew my attention as she started talking to me RUKKY: I called you here to help me check my kitchen bulb ME: what happened to it? RUKKY: it went off while I was cooking ME: it might be that the bulb is bad or the lamb holder is faulty (she walked me down to the kitchen) RUKKY: I’m through with my cooking but I want it fixed, can you help? ME: sure, just help me with something I can climb

She brought a chair for me to climb and immediately I touched the bulb it started working fine, it must have lost contact with the current terminals I explained looking down at her. I don’t know what happened to my eyes I started seeing things I ought not to see, its two big watermelons trying to reveal themselves from her towel around her chest region. Chei!!! Is this boobs I said to myself, I stepped down from the chair slowing using half pass eye to magnify the boobs.

The temptation became worst when she pleaded I should help her rub her back since she can’t do it well herself, the cream was so chilled as my palms slide on her back, junior (my joystick) responded to stimuli, rose up and became hard begging for freedom out of my boxers. I started adding some soft touches which makes her dive on her bed and request I give her proper massaging. She pulled off her towel leaving her with just pant on; I couldn’t get to see her two watermelons because she was facing the bed, gradually my hands starting touching the boobs from the side. I started feeling the softness of it which makes me pause. She turned facing me to know why I paused but she sighted something strange I was licking my lips while holding junior tight by putting my both legs together.

She smiled and pulled me to herself, I didn’t waste a second as I kissed her seductive lips as if am licking lollipop, she moaned as I finally grab the boobs that got junior (my joystick) provoked and woke up from its resting state. I skillfully remove her pant and scientifically send my middle finger into her shawama before she could get hold of my hands; she was wet already as a thick semi-liquid moisten my hand deep inside her. The next thing was that junior is already inside her pussycat territory running in and out like someone who is jugging along a short distance. Her breathing became fast as she moan calling my name at the same time speaking urhobo ** biko memera, eli biko memera** I guess I understand what she was saying ** pls gently, eli pls small small**, didn’t pay attention to what she was saying as I professionally bent her a-s to suit doggy style. It was in this course that I c—u—m and chose to stop.

It’s a perfect job I said to myself, she stood up and walked to the bathroom , as soon as she left I wore my clothes and recall I didn’t make use of CD while performing the act, – see fuckup oo – the 2 packet are inside my bag. She came back carrying a heavy face, seems she didn’t expect it but it has already been done maybe this will push her to say yes to me I taught. I tried to know what was wrong by confronting her but she remained silent and started crying.

Throughout the night she didn’t alter a word, I left the bed where we both were sleeping and decided to sleep on the floor. I called jerry to let him know am sleeping at Rukky’s house and he said no problem that he is also passing the night in Aghogho room his girlfriend. I fell asleep after doing more of facebooking and whatsapp hoping to leave her room as early as 5am since I have exam the next day by 8am.